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Medical Manufacturing

Hyper-Focused Design for Medical Device Manufacturing

As former Medical Device Professionals, we understand the rigorous requirements of the Industry. Like many of our current customers, we found ourselves searching the market for that perfect system. A machine that was built for the medical manufacturing niche, a system flexible enough to support quick part change-overs, but robust enough to withstand the demands of long term production. A machine easy enough for a technician to operate, yet powerful enough to enable a power user to develop and create parts that were not previously possible. Simply put, there were no commercially available solutions did not require immediate rework or customization. This is how the Medicut PRO Series Laser Workstation platform was born, a highly configurable standard platform piece of engineering, designed for you...the medical manufacturer.

Standard Platforms

Configurable Standard Platforms allow for late stage customization while reducing customer lead times and providing the flexibility customers need. Standard options and stocked inventory allow for reduced lead times and increased flexibility while maintaining high-quality results.

Modular Tooling

Modular Tooling with 5-Axis fine adjustment, flexible enough for rapid prototyping, robust enough for high-volume production. Part change-over in as little as 2-3 minutes. Its ease of use and adaptability ensures optimized production efficiency.

Safey & Compliance

Safety & Compliance is a critical aspect of our Laser Workstations. Our systems are meticulously designed to meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and safety standards, featuring Class I CDRH Compliance and Category III Safety Controls.

Service & Scalability

Fully serviceable from the front and two sides. Custom Side-Access sliding Electrical Cabinet allows back to back operation without the need to service or access rear of machine. Scalable design in a minimal footprint ensures maximum equipment production output for your medical device manufacturing space.

Medicut PRO Series

Medicut PRO Series Laser Workstations

Alpine Laser Medicut Pro Series Laser Systems are configurable multi-axis workstations for small diameter tubular and flat sheet medical components. Available in CW pulsed-fiber, femtosecond and fiber-delivered femtosecond laser configurations

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Medicut PRO Series

Standard Platforms, Configurable for Medical Manufacturers

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Fiber Laser Systems

The Alpine Laser Medicut PRO Series Fiber Laser Workstation is our Flagship product which offers high precision and speed. This modular platform features a wide variety of standard options, is highly configurable, and a modular tooling array that includes fine adjust features to allow for rapid part change-overs. The ultra-compact form factor is less than 48 inches wide, making it a space-saving option for any workspace.
Fine Kerf Widths down to sub 0.001"
Available in multiple focal lengths, our typical spot size is around 15 micron for fiber laser systems. We can adjust the spot size +/- slightly to suit your application.
Laser Control Interface
M-Code & program control of a full suite of laser parameters. Laser Power, Pulse Width, Frequency, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Timed/Shot Modes. Ability to change any parameter instantly on-the-fly within your motion programs. 100-300W Laser sources, Frequency up to 50khz, Pulse widths down to 15 microseconds. Pulse shaping modules included standard.
Ultra-Compact Footprint
Medicut Pro Series Laser Workstations are the smallest tube cutting systems on the market. With a footprint of just under 48in x 31in, they are easily integrated into existing manufacturing spaces.
High-speed Dyanamic Profiling
Designed for high acceleration and deceleration dynamic motion profile which allows for moving through intricate and sharp geometry quickly. Rotary options all designed for wetcut compatible processes. Rotary options available for peak velocities up to 3,000 RPM

Femtosecond Laser Systems

Our Femtosecond Laser workstation features TRUMPF's TruMicro 2030 paired with a hollow-core-fiber beam delivery system to enable a high-performance, ultra-compact femtosecond laser solution. The Hollow Core Fiber-Delivery system allows us to position the power source inside the workstation base and features a flexible connection between the processing head and the laser source, enabling a high performance package and ultra compact space saving form factor unlike anything else on the market today.
Fiber-Delivered Femtosecond Lasers
Alpines ultra-compact femtosecond processing solution features TRUMPFs hollow-core-fiber femtosecond light cable integrated with the TruMicro ultrafast laser platform, offering a flexible connection between the processing head and laser source. This enables an ultra-compact design without sacrificing optical beam quality, as the system continuously monitors mode field, power, fiber protection, and safety circuits while allowing for dynamic movement of the laser-light-cable and processing head.
Laser Features
10W, 20W or 100W Ultrafast Options, 1030nm wavelength, 350fs - 20ps Pulse Duration, Maximum pulse energy of up to 100µJ, Maximum Burst Energy up to 300µJ, Maximum frequency of 2Mhz.
Kerf widths down to 0.0004"
Available in multiple focal lengths, our average spot size is around 10 micron (0.0004") for ultrafast laser systems. We can adjust the spot size +/- slightly to suite your application. Included in each machine is a variable beam expander for further beam adjustment.
Automated Loading & Unloading Available
Alpine Laser provides fully automated solutions with options for both automated loading and unloading processes to facilitate a fully lights-out operation.

Galvo Laser Systems

3-4 Axis Motion Platform coupled with a 5-Axis Galvo head allows for advanced femtosecond laser micro processing and drilling of flexible geometries including laser cutting and structuring. Additional Configurations available upon request...
Precision Micro-drilling applications
Allows for Laser Processing Complex Geometries
positively/negatively conical or ideal cylindrical, round or elliptical drill holes with high aspect ratios.
Intuitive Software with GUI to easily create simple or complex toolpaths
Included software features an intuitive 3D Visualization module that allows for the creation of simple or complex toolpaths.
Suitable for a Variety of Laser Applications
Drilling, Ablation, Structuring and Cutting Applications

Flat Sheet Laser Systems

Alpine Laser offers a standard workstation with a full 200mm x 200mm XY Cutting Envelope. Workstations can be equipped with optional Rotary Axis and tilt heads. Available in both fiber and femtosecond laser upgrades
Fiber or Femtosecond Lasers
XY Cutting Envelop of 200x200mm
Standard or Galvo Beam Delivery Options
3-5 Axis Flat cutting with Rotary and Tilt Head Optiosn
Precision Engineering

Differentiated Technology

• We typically run about 2-5 times faster than other systems available on the market today
Advanced Motion Control
• The latest in advanced digital motion control hardware
• Control architecture allows for ultra-high speed synchronization
• Enables unparalleled cut speed, precision and accuracy
High Dynamic Acceleration Profiles
• Designed for high acceleration, deceleration dynamic motion profiles
• Allow for moving through intricate and sharp geometry quickly
• Rotary options for peak velocities up to 3,000 RPM
Full Modular Tooling Array
• Flexible enough for rapid prototyping, robust enough for high-volume production
• All tooling hardware built with 3-5axis of fine adjust with locking
• Part and Tooling change-overs in as little as 2-3 min
• Precision Regrip Module, m-code controlled regrip to less than 0.0005" positional error
Applications Lab

Laser Cut Samples & Process Development

Medicut PRO Series Laser Workstations are capable of producing burr free, high precision medical components. Our systems are known for their performance and constantly outperforming legacy equipment on the market. With an average cycle time improvement of 2-5X, our laser workstations not only enhance productivity but also deliver improved cut quality and profiling.

Stainless Steel
Nitinol (NiTi)
cobalt-chromium (CoCr)
Platinum–iridium (PtIr)
Thin Films
Ablation & Micro Catheters
Flex & Structural Members
Interventional Cardiology
Structural Heart
Nitinol Stents
Pull Rings
Retrieval Devices
Steerable Delivery Catheters
Vessel Closure Devices

Laser Processing Equipment Critical to the Growth of Several Technology Markets

Rapid growth in demand of laser-based medical devices and components, enabling healthcare providers to provide patients with advanced treatments, while driving innovation and improving patient outcomes. Below are just a handful of the many technology markets serviced by Laser Processing Equipment.

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death globally. With an aging population and rising healthcare costs, the demand for innovative cardiovascular technologies is expected to grow, making it an important area for investment and research.
Dental equipment and devices used in diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. With an increasing emphasis on dental aesthetics and the growing prevalence of dental disorders, the demand for advanced dental technologies is on the rise, making it an important area for investment and research
Devices and equipment used in the management and treatment of diabetes, including continuous glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps. Laser processing equipment plays a critical role in the manufacture of these devices, contributing to the growth and advancement of the market. With the increasing prevalence of diabetes worldwide, the demand for advanced diabetes technology is expected to continue to rise, making it an important area for investment and innovation.
Diagnosing and treating abnormal heart rhythms using catheters and other devices. Many components and assemblies for Electrophysiology devices are manufatured using lasers.. The market is expected to grow due to the rising incidence of cardiac disorders and increasing technological advancements
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Performing surgical procedures with smaller incisions, leading to faster recovery times and reduced complications. Laser processing equipment plays a crucial role in the production of precise and durable surgical instruments used in this field.
Minimally invasive treatment options aimed at treating neurological conditions and for patients suffering from chronic pain, Parkinson's disease, and other neurological disorders. The market is expected to see significant growth due to the rising prevalence of these conditions and increasing demand for minimally invasive treatments
Medical devices and equipment used in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of eye conditions. Laser processing equipment is used for the manufacturing of precision components for ophthalmic devices. The market is driven by an aging population and increasing prevalence of eye disorders, with future growth expected in emerging markets
The use of laser processing equipment to manufacture surgical instruments, implants, and devices used to treat orthopedic conditions. The market is driven by a growing aging population and an increasing number of orthopedic procedures, with future growth expected due to advances in materials science and 3D printing
Peripheral Vascular
Peripheral vascular medical devices and technologies used to diagnose and treat peripheral artery disease (PAD) and other related conditions affecting the peripheral arteries and veins. These markets are important because PAD is a widespread condition that can lead to serious health complications if left untreated, and the demand for effective diagnostic and treatment options is expected to increase with the aging population
Sports Medicine / Trauma
Sports medicine and trauma involve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries related to sports and physical activity. With the increasing demand for sports and fitness, the market for sports medicine and trauma is expected to grow, leading to the development of new therapies and technologies. The use of laser-cut components in equipment and devices has improved precision and safety in surgical procedures, helping athletes and physically active individuals to recover faster from injuries and get back to their activities
Structural Heart
The treatment of heart defects and diseases using minimally invasive procedures. As the aging population increases, the demand for these procedures is expected to grow, driving the growth of the structural heart market. Laser processing plays a crucial role in manufacturing the devices and equipment used in these procedures
Medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract and male reproductive system disorders. Laser technology is increasingly used in urology for procedures such as kidney stone removal, prostate surgery, and bladder cancer treatment
Therapeutic End Markets

Technology Markets serviced by Laser Processing Equipment

Laser processing technology plays a vital role in the medical technology markets, facilitating the production of high-precision medical devices, implants, and surgical instruments. It enables efficient cutting, welding, marking, and surface modification of materials used in the medical industry

Device Design

Medical Applications

Our laser technology facilitates the production of precise and customized medical devices, implants, and instruments used in a wide range of medical applications, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Laser processing technology is driving growth in medical device production, allowing for intricate designs and precise cuts that enhance treatment efficacy and enable minimally invasive procedures

Laser Processing Equipment used in the Design & Development of Various Medical Applications

Ablation Catheters
Medical devices used to treat cardiac arrhythmias. Inserted into a blood vessel, and guided to the heart. These devices target and ablate abnormal heart tissue, reducing procedural time and patient recovery compared to traditional methods
Flex & Structural Members
Laser-processed components used in the fabrication of medical devices, such as catheters or stents, to improve their flexibility and strength, enabling minimally invasive interventions and improving patient outcomes
Interventional Cardiology
Laser processed components used in minimally invasive procedures, to diagnose and treat heart disease, improving patient outcomes and reducing recovery time
Microcatheter Shafts
Small diameter catheter tubes used to deliver medical devices to difficult-to-reach areas, such as in neurovascular interventions, enabling minimally invasive treatment and improving patient outcomes
Nitinol Stents
Self-expanding stents made of a nickel-titanium alloy, commonly used in vascular interventions due to their unique shape memory and superelastic properties, enabling minimally invasive treatment and improved patient outcomes
Pull Rings
Laser-processed features on medical devices, such as catheters or guidewires, used to facilitate device manipulation during minimally invasive procedures, improving procedural efficiency and patient outcomes
Retrieval Devices
Retrieval devices are laser-processed medical tools (snares, baskets, graspers, etc) used to remove foreign objects, dislodged stents, uteral stones or material from inside the body, enabling minimally invasive procedures and reducing patient trauma and recovery time
Steerable Delivery Catheters
Laser-processed medical devices used to precisely deliver diagnostic or therapeutic tools to target locations, improving procedural accuracy and patient outcomes in minimally invasive interventions
Stent & Tubular Components
Laser-processed medical devices used to create flexible and biocompatible structures for implantation, enabling minimally invasive interventions and improving patient outcomes in the treatment of various diseases
Structural Heart
Structural heart components, such as valve frames, are laser-processed medical devices used in minimally invasive procedures to treat structural heart disease, reducing patient trauma and recovery time
Vessel Closure Devices
Vessel closure devices are laser-processed medical devices used to close puncture wounds in blood vessels after minimally invasive interventions, reducing patient trauma and recovery time and improving patient outcomes compared to traditional closure methods

Commonly Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are some commonly asked questions. Prefer to set up a call to discuss your application in detail? Feel free to Contact Us

We prioritize providing our customers with the optimal solution for their needs, rather than upselling on unnecessary features.  Our engineers are available to consult with you regarding your specific application requirements. At Alpine, we offer a variety of motion packages and options to meet your needs. It is crucial to choose the right package for your application, as overloading a machine with unnecessary options can limit its dynamic performance. Opting for a machine that fits 95% of your requirements instead of 100% can actually result in higher ROI and cycle times.

Our product family offers highly-engineered machine base platforms with configurable standard options that enable us to stock ~90% of the components required to build your machine. Unlike the typical industry lead times, which can approach one year, our current lead times are significantly better than our competitors'. We are continuously working to improve our inventory measures to achieve our goal of shipping a machine in under 12 weeks

We have conducted extensive benchmarking on customer parts using our platform against every commercially available machine, comparing as-cut quality to existing processes and cycle times. Our results have been unparalleled thus far. We typically achieve 2-5X cycle time improvement while maintaining or enhancing cut quality. Many customers are surprised to learn that their current machines from leading manufacturers are not operating at their commanded feed rates. Implementing our easy-to-use, modular quick change tooling platform and choosing the correct system configuration can result in fast ROI and significant increases in manufacturing output. Our high customer retention rate attests to the outstanding performance of our systems

Our purpose-built medical manufacturing laser platform is designed with pre-configured standard options that are carefully engineered to minimize the need for staffing large teams of engineers, technicians, and admins. Our operational efficiency sets us apart from competitors, particularly large corporations that can be slow and inefficient due to chains of approvals and corporate bloat. Our efficient operating process and low overhead enable us to offer cutting-edge technology at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and to listen to the voice of our customers