Minneapolis, MN

Mediscan Pro Series Galvo Workstation

Configurable Galvo Based Workstations for precision polymer laser processing

Designed for Medical Manufacturers

Mediscan PRO Series Galvo Laser Workstations

5 Axis Precision Galvo coupled with a Trumpf Trumicro Femtosecond laser, This workstation can be equipped with additional axes and rotary options to support both flat sheet and tube processing applications.

Advanced Laser Processing Capabilities

Multiple Galvo Options
Configurable with 2D, 3D or 5D Galvos. This platform can be configured with a galvo that is right for your application. Scanlabs 5Axis Precsys for complex drilling applications, Inteliscan or Exceliscan for traditional galvo applications..
Multi-axis platform
Our standard galvo platform is offered with 3 Axis of linear motion, however this can be customized to include rotary axis for additional processing flexibility, as well as additonal linear axis as desired.
Laser Options
Available for both Fiber Laser & Femtosecond Laser Applications. The Scanlabs Precsys 5D Galvo is available for both 1064nm IR and 512nm Green Femtosecond Lasers
Flatsheet or Tubular Processing
This workstation can process both flat sheet material or tubular base parts. XY Linear Motion stack can be configured with or without a rotary axis.
Scanlabs Precsys

5 Axis Micromachining for Complex Geometry

Full 5 Axis Galvo Control for Advanced Laser micro processing, hole drilling and laser structuring applications

Variable Angle of Incidence (+/-)
Consistent Contours regardless of speed
Automatic Fine-Adjust Calibrations
Intuitive GUI for job processing
Aspect Ratios up to 12.5:1
Precision Geometry Profiling

photo source: [email protected] · www.scanlab.de

Scanlabs Precsys

Precision Contour Control

Precise micrometer level precision of contouring allows for perfectly straight-wall tapers up to a 12.5:1 aspect ratio. Alternatively, this level of control allows you to cut positive or negative undercuts for advanced geometries.

photo source: [email protected] · www.scanlab.de