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Medicut Pro Series Femtosecond Laser

Worlds most Compact, Precision Medical Tube Cutter. Learn more about Configuration options below...

Designed for Medical Manufacturers

Medicut PRO Series Femtosecond Laser Workstations

The Alpine Laser Medicut PRO Series Femtosecond Laser Workstation combines the precision of femtosecond laser processing with our high performing, modular platform for tube cutting. The end result is a system featuring High Precision, High Speed, Configurable standard options on a highly modular base platform. All integrated into an ultra compact footprint of less than 48 inches wide.

Flexible Enough for Development, Robust enough for Production Environments

Our extensive experience as hands-on end-users and developers of ultra-precision medical manufacturing equipment has given us a deep understanding of the intricate requirements of these systems. With decades of experience and close collaborations with major Medical OEMs and startups, we have gained comprehensive knowledge covering a wide range of medical manufacturer's needs, from prototyping to high-volume production

Multi-Axis Configurations
Available standard with Programmable 2-Axis precision Linear and Rotary Stages. Programmable 4 Axis & Various Rotary upgrades available
Full CDRH & Safety Compliance
Our standard platform is offered in a convertible configuration. CDRH compliant safety and interlocks moved to the compact cutting enclosure frees up and allows operators the flexiblity to operate. **Fully Enclosed Systems available on request**
Non-thermal HAZ free cuts
Our Femtosecond workstations offer customers a tool that enables the production of ultra-fine features and precise tool paths, resulting in burr and HAZ-free cuts that require minimal post-processing.
Modular Tooling & Fast Part Change-over
Our Tooling platform has been painstakenly engineered to accomodate both the rigorous demands of a full production envinronment, as well as flexible enough to serve production and quick turn demands
Ultra-Compact Footprint
Medicut Pro Series Laser Workstations are ultra-compact Laser processing workstations. At under 48 inches wide, they are easily integrated into existing manufacturing spaces and allow for Back-to-Back Operation

Designed for Ease of Use, Service and Scalability

Our design sets a new standard for ease of use, serviceability, and scalability. User-friendliness was a key focus during the design process, resulting in reduced learning curves and enhanced efficiency. Moreover, serviceability was given paramount importance, leading to the incorporation of easily accessible components and a streamlined maintenance process. Additionally, our design is highly scalable, facilitating smooth expansion and catering to businesses of all sizes.

Engineered for Flexibilty
Small compact, space-saving form-factor designed with service & ease-of-use in mind
Maintenence & Service
• Fully Servicable from the FRONT and two SIDES.
• Custom side-access sliding Electrical Cabinet allows back-to-back operation, without need to ever service or access rear side of the machine.
• Electronic and Controls systems designed to reduce complexity in terms of maintenance and replacement. Ability to change or replace discrete components without need for rewiring or incurring significant cost and downtime.
• Optional Secure Remote Access Gateway for full remote support and sofware upgades
• Standardized platform enables like-for-like expansion of manufacturing lines
• Hardware and tooling designed for long-term, high-volume manufacturing
• Robust enough for high-volume manufacturing, flexible enough for prototyping

Medicut Pro Standard Features

Below are a few of the features offered standard on all Medicut Pro Series Fiber Laser Workstations

Femtosecond Laser Features
Available in 10W, 20W or 100W ultrast laser options. 1030nm wavelength, 350fs - 20ps Pulse Duration, Maximum pulse energy of up to 100µJ, Maximum Burst Energy up to 300µJ, Maximum frequency of 2Mhz
Kerf Widths down to 0.0004"
Available in multiple focal lengths, our average spot size is around 10 micron (0.0004") for ultrafast laser systems. We can adjust the spot size +/- slightly to suite your application. Included in each machine is a variable beam expander for further beam adjustment
Advanced Motion Control
• The latest in advanced digital motion control hardware
• Control architecture allows for ultra-high speed synchronization
• Enables unparalleled cut speed, precision and accuracy
Full Modular Tooling Array
• Flexible enough for rapid prototyping, robust enough for high-volume production
• All tooling hardware built with 3-5axis of fine adjust with locking
• Part and Tooling change-overs in as little as 2-3 min
• Precision Regrip Module, m-code controlled regrip to less than 0.0005" positional error
Precision Regrip
Included with our modular tooling array is a precision regrip module. Enabling customers to execute precision automated regrip operations via our M-code controlled positioner. Precisely execute regrips with less than 0.0005" positional error. Typical Regrip times are performed in under 1 second
High-speed Dynamic Profiling
• Designed for high acceleration, deceleration dynamic motion profiles
• Allow for moving through intricate and sharp geometry quickly
• Rotary options for peak velocities up to 3,000 RPM
Alpine HMI
Powerful Touch-screen HMI with all the standard features you'd expect. Digital axis readouts, manual jog panels, powerful motion program editor and custom parser. Integrated Live Video Feed, User adjustable cross-hairs, Sub-Program Split Screen reporting allows for easy visability to live motion status. Top Control panel for quick actuation of rotary collet, process gas, gripper module, water jacket and auxillary IO.
Engineered Granite
We have engineered our granite bases to accomodate all hardware configuration options we offer. Bases are molded from a special formulation of epoxy based resin and mineral casting. Featuring a 14.5X Vibration dampening performance over natural stone granite. We stock our granite in inventory to allow us to pre-build our machines and cut customer lead times

Compare our Standard Motion Packages

Motion Package 1
Motion Package 2
Motion Package 3
Tube Diameter

HMI Pressure Controlled Rotary Collet

0.1mm - 8mm
0.25mm - 13mm
0.25mm - 27mm
Rotary - Max Speed

Max Operating Velocity [RPMs]

1,000 RPM
3,000 RPM
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Rotary - Dynamic Acceleration
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Programmable Pressure Controlled Collet
Wet Cut Compatible

Rotarys are designed with full through-bore solid spindles

X-Axis - Max Length
X-Axis - Max Speed
2,000 mm/s
2,000 mm/s
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Please contact an Alpine Laser Representative if you have additional questions or would like to review additional hardware specifications

Medicut Pro Optional Features

Below is a non-comprehensive list, featuring a few options that available for quoting by request

End of Tube Sensors
Added sensors to detect end of tube can be used to assist in automated programming of wetcut and autoloading processes
Automated Loading/Unloading
Available standard with Programmable 2-Axis precision Linear and Rotary Stages. Programmable 4 Axis & Various Rotary upgrades available
Off-Axis Cutting
Off-Axis or Off-center tube cutting available with 4-Axis Upgrade availabe
Cognex Vision Pro
Cognex Vision Pro Software for Automated feature detection tasks
Customer Auxillary I/O
Near unlimited additional IO can be added to our workstations by customer request. We support most IO including digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, IO link or relay based hardware. Each addressable IO point can be pre-configured with FULL Mcode motion program support.
Data Logging
Saving and exporting of various data to database or text file
HMI Customizations
Customers can customize HMI for various operator levels on our standard system. Additional GUI based changes and feature requests can be quoted by request.
Secure Remote Access Gateway
Secure Remote Access Gateway for full remote support and sofware upgades. Additionally enables customers remote access to their workstation. Features full end-to-end encryption. Available in Ethernet, Wifi or Cellular options.
Fully Enclosed Workstation
For customers who require, we can quote a fully enclosed workstation.