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Medicut Pro Series Feature Overview

Read more below about our modular standard platform, included features and configurable options...

Designed for Medical Manufacturers

Medicut PRO Series Features & Options

The Alpine Laser Medicut PRO Series Femtosecond Laser Workstation combines the precision of femtosecond laser processing with our high performing, modular platform for tube cutting. The end result is a system featuring High Precision, High Speed, Configurable standard options on a highly modular base platform. All integrated into an ultra compact footprint of less than 48 inches wide.

Featuring an Ultra-Compact Footprint

Medicut Pro Series Laser Workstations are the smallest tube cutting systems on the market. With a footprint of just under 48in x 31in, they are easily integrated into existing manufacturing spaces. The standard workstation is offered in a convertible configuration. CDRH compliant safety and interlocks moved to the compact cutting enclosure frees up and allows operators the flexibility to operate.

Convertible Design for Maximum Operator Efficiency
CDRH Safety Controls moved to Compact Cutting Enclosure
**Fully Enclosed Systems available on request**

Safety & Compliance

Our Laser Workstations have been meticulously crafted to ensure safe operation, equipped with hardware that complies with Class I CDRH standards and Category III Safety controls. Each system is outfitted with reliable safety interlock devices, laser safety glass, and easily accessible E-stop controls. Our workstations also come equipped with advanced Fault Detection and active monitoring features, as well as redundant safety circuits for all safety devices, ensuring maximum safety for users.

Founder & Commercial Leader at Alpine Laser

Laser Source Options

Our standard workstation is equipped with a 200W Trumpf Trufiber Laser. Additional laser source options include a 100W and 300W air-cooled fiber laser as well as femtosecond options.

Standard Option

200W Fiber

Our Medicut PRO Series Fiber lasers come equipped standard with the 200W Air-cooled Trumpf TruFiber P compact Fiber Laser. Available with 50mm or 80mm focus lens. Our standard spot size is around 25 micron (0.001inch)

Optional Upgrade

Fiber Laser Options

Additional Fiber Laser options available include the lower power 100W TruFiber P Compact Laser, as well upgrades to 300W and 500W Fiber Lasers. All fiber laser options are 100% compatible with Alpine Lasers custom Laser Interface.

Optional Upgrade

Femtosecond Upgades

-Trumpf TruMicro Ultrafast (10W, 20W, 100W)
Available with Optional Hollow Core Fiber Delivery
-Light Conversion Carbide CB3 (20W, 40W, 80W, 120W)
-Light Conversion Carbide CB5 (5W, 6W) Air-cooled

Standard Feature

Mineral Cast Epoxy Base

Engineered for Maximum performance, Designed for every configuration, Stocked in Inventory

Cast to Finish Tolerances
Speed to Build

Designed for Configurability

Our engineered bases are designed with over 60 over molded threaded inserts which allow for 100% configuration across our product platform. This allows us to keep bases on hand in inventory and cut lead-times.

Vibration Damping

Engineered Bases are formulated from a blend of silicon dioxide ceramic quartz aggregate and proprietary additives. Our bases feature 14.5X Vibration Dampening Performance improvements over that of natural stone granite.

Engineered for Longevity

Castings are designed to outlast the life of the machine. High compressive strength, improved thermal stability, zero moisture absorption rates, high vibration isolation, dimensional stability.

Standard Feature

Modular Tooling w/ Compact Cutting Enclosure

Our Modular Tooling Platform streamlines the tool change process for laser tube cutting. Change tooling/tube sizes and be up and cutting in as little as 2 minutes. Each tooling slice can be independently removed and swapped with various options. These tooling options can be purchased at the time of the workstation order, purchased at a later date, or swapped between machines on your floor.

5-Axis Fine Adjust

5 full axes of precision control at your fingertips via fine adjustment screws. X,Y,Z and full Tip Tilt ensure your tube is always aligned precisely where you need it.

Precision Regrip

Execute precision automated regrip operations via our M-code controlled positioner. Precisely execute regrips with less than 0.0005" positional error. Typical Regrip times are performed in under 1 second

Quick Change-Over

The worlds first true standardized modular tooling platform tailored for the Medical Device Industry. Change over tube sizes in 2-3 minutes.

Part Holding

Precision bushings, adjustable v-block guides and micro tube handling, we offer options to cover your needs in addition to offering a threaded array for customer specific fixturing

Standard Feature

Custom Alpine Laser Interface

We've designed a custom Ethernet application to harness the full remote power of our fiber laser.

Full Motion Program control of All Laser Features
Change Parameters Mid-Program w/in 600µs
Call predefined Pulse shape & Parameter sets
Simmer Modes enable ultra-fine low power laser processing
					G01 X0.3659 Y3.8911 
M98 P102
G01 X0 Y7.7823 
M98 P102
G01 X0.2241 Y4.0912 
M98 P103
ProcessGasSelect=1			//Change to Oxygen
ProcessGas_Pressure=125		//Set Pressure
LaserPower=10				//Change Laser Power
LaserPulseWidth=60			//Change Pulse Width
G01 X0.8978 Y0.7597 
M98 P101
G01 X0 Y1.8837 
M98 P101
G01 X0 Y3.5172 
M98 P101
G01 X0 Y1.8836 
M98 P101
LaserMode=3				// Switch Laser Modes for Helical Profile
LaserPower=25			// [%]	
LaserFrequency=7.5 		// [kHZ]				
LaserPulseWidth=90		// [µsec]	
FR_Cutting=90			// mm/s    			
G01 X0 Y1.8837 
M98 P111				//Goto Helical Subroutine

Motion Program Control

FULL program control of Laser Power, Pulse Width, Frequency, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Timed/Shot Modes, etc.. Change parameters on-the-fly using M-code or word based programming via Custom Alpine Laser Interface.

Laser Modes

Our systems are configured with 3 laser modes. Capable of cutting both complex high density features and high-speed interrupted helical profiling. Laser modes can be changed on demand. Helical Mode is not only designed special for on-the-fly laser processing, but also removes the 'short starts' companies commonly fight with.

Pulse Shaping

Graphical Programming interface allows for the easy creation of any pulse shape. Ability to save up to 50 user-defined pulse shapes. Pulse shapes can be produced with up to 1000 individual segments with a resolution of 1μs per segment.

Standard Feature

Integrated Closed-Loop Wetcut

Closed Loop, Integrated Wet Cut availble with full water level monitoring, Standard O-ring style water jackets as well as pressure controlled waterjacket upgrades improve process repeatability

Standard Feature

Integrated Closed-Loop Wet Cut

Closed Loop, Integrated Wet Cut availble with full water level monitoring, Standard O-ring style water jackets as well as pressure controlled waterjacket upgrades improve process repeatability

Active Filtration
Water is filtered through 3 different stages. Water first returns from the system to a primary waterfall style resevoir. Dirty water is then pumped out and through a 2 stage filter system into the primary tank.
Level Monitoring
The system constantly monitors the level from the water tank through 4 different sensors. Motion programs will automatically abort and turn laser off if there is any issues.
Manual Quick Clamp
Standard Option for the Medicut Pro Series Fiber Lasers. Clamp features a magnetic two part latching system.
Programmable Water Jacket
Remove user variability in you process by upgrading to a pneumatically controlled water jacket
Standard Feature

Quick-Clamp Water Jacket Mount

Closed Loop, Integrated Wet Cut availble with full water level monitoring, Standard O-ring style water jackets as well as pressure controlled waterjacket upgrades improve process repeatability

Standard Feature

Front & Side Access Servicable

Fully serviceable from the front and two sides. Custom Side-Access sliding Electrical Cabinet allows back to back operation without the need to service or access rear of machine. Scalable design in a minimal footprint ensures maximum equipment production output for your medical device manufacturing space

Slide out Electrical Cabinet
Designed for Front-Access & Servicability
Lock-out, Tag-out Circuit Breakers

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Compare our Standard Motion Packages

Motion Package 1
Motion Package 2
Motion Package 3
Tube Diameter

HMI Pressure Controlled Rotary Collet

0.1mm - 8mm
0.25mm - 13mm
0.25mm - 27mm
Rotary - Max Speed

Max Operating Velocity [RPMs]

1,000 RPM
3,000 RPM
Contact Alpine
Rotary - Dynamic Acceleration
Contact Alpine
Programmable Pressure Controlled Collet
Wet Cut Compatible

Rotarys are designed with full through-bore solid spindles

Contact Alpine
X-Axis - Max Length
X-Axis - Max Speed
2,000 mm/s
2,000 mm/s
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Please contact an Alpine Laser Representative if you have additional questions or would like to review additional hardware specifications

Medicut Pro Optional Features

Below is a non-comprehensive list, featuring a few options that available for quoting by request

Pnuematic Controlled Water Jacket
Our workstations can be configured with our standard water jacket or a pnuematically controlled ugpraded design
End of Tube Sensors
Added sensors to detect end of tube can be used to assist in automated programming of wetcut and autoloading processes
Automated Loading/Unloading
Available standard with Programmable 2-Axis precision Linear and Rotary Stages. Programmable 4 Axis & Various Rotary upgrades available
Off-Axis Cutting
Off-Axis or Off-center tube cutting available with 4-Axis Upgrade availabe
Cognex Vision Pro
Cognex Vision Pro Software for Automated feature detection tasks
Customer Auxillary I/O
Near unlimited additional IO can be added to our workstations by customer request. We support most IO including digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, IO link or relay based hardware. Each addressable IO point can be pre-configured with FULL Mcode motion program support.
Data Logging
Saving and exporting of various data to database or text file
HMI Customizations
Customers can customize HMI for various operator levels on our standard system. Additional GUI based changes and feature requests can be quoted by request.
Secure Remote Access Gateway
Secure Remote Access Gateway for full remote support and sofware upgades. Additionally enables customers remote access to their workstation. Features full end-to-end encryption. Available in Ethernet, Wifi or Cellular options.
Fully Enclosed Workstation
For customers who require, we can quote a fully enclosed workstation.